Talaina Kor creates surreal and often macabre pieces of art utilizing photography and Photoshop. Her roots are deep within the badlands of rural Arizona wheres he is able to journey into her imagination and create her unique style of art without distraction.  A self-taught artist, Kor’s expertise has its origins in YouTube tutorials and experimentation with non-traditional lightingd evices such as laptop screens, glow sticks, LEDs, and Christmas lights to reveal the images that she imagines.  The result is a series filled with rich colors that express the values of light and dark, giving the feeling that the images are radiating light rather than absorbing it.

Although each piece is very different, they make a cohesivewhole with the style of highly saturated colors and surreal themes. Throughthese works of art, she expresses her fascination with the physicality of thehuman body as well as the horror that is existence, which began with the deathof a close friend.

Kor has gained experience through her studies at the California College of the Arts and School of the Art Institute of Chicago and now resides in Arizona.

Making a Photo with Talaina Kor 


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